I am proud to be celebrating my fifteenth year running Zanzi.

I will always remember the mixed emotions of fear and excitement as I walked away from my corporate role, leaving behind my salary, company car, etc., wondering if I really could ‘go it alone’.

This year I am blessed to be the busiest that I have ever been.

My dad, a former farmer, warned me that running a business can often reflect the cyclical pattern of farming. You leave a field fallow, you sow a seed and then you harvest …

‘Make hay whilst the sun shines’.

This has proved to be true to me accepting that the peaks and troughs and learning to enjoy the quieter times to research and develop my skills. I’ve learnt to be creative with regard to my personal development over the years, without the gift of a personal training budget that I used to take for granted!

Reflecting over my career path it is clear that people really do come into your life for a ‘reason, a season or a lifetime’.

Every person I have met or worked with over the years has taught me something about myself…. albeit sometimes I admit this increased level of personal awareness has sometimes been tough to accept.

It is true ‘you teach what you need to learn’. For example:

  • The Leadership Training continually inspires me to develop every day to be ‘the best I can be’.
  • As a preferred passive personality type, Assertive Skills training reminds me it’s healthy to express your thoughts and feelings and these behaviours can grow self confidence.
  • As an introvert, Presentation Skills training encourages me to honour my vulnerability and be me!
  • More recently, my Mindfulness courses have been born from my recognition of perspective, peace and the gift of presence.

Without the love and support of my family I doubt I would have made it through.

  • My dad has shared so much wisdom and knowledge and been my sounding board throughout.
  • My mum has found it hard to accept why I have chosen to challenge myself and push myself so hard. Reminding me to be patient, calm and loving.
  • My husband has allowed me to dedicate a large part of my life to Zanzi. Picking me up and reassuring me when the challenges have proved too much to bear.
  • My girls have always encouraged me and now help and support me.
  • My sister has always helped me to keep focused and recognise my abilities.
  • My families belief and trust in me, has ultimately enabled me to believe in myself.

A colleague I met recently is setting up her new business and asked me what tips I can share to be successful.

Here are four to consider:

  1. Over the years I have participated in lots of proactive networking which has helped.
  2. Keep focused, keep an open mind and never miss an opportunity.
  3. Be innovative, creative and get a great coach (I happen to know one if you are interested!).
  4. Identify and live your personal values. My core values are: Family, Serving Others, Trust, Integrity and Justice.

It’s true what they say ‘patience is a virtue’, ‘you can’t run until you can walk’, ‘what you put in you get out’ and ‘if you believe it will happen, it will’!

Thanks to everyone who has believed in me, supported me, including my family, my friends, my customers and my clients!

I am really looking forward to the next fifteen years with Zanzi.