This is a question I often get asked.

I had been trading in my own name for a couple of years when my accountant said it was time I got myself a company name.

I cogitated on this for a while….. this was proving much harder than I thought it would be.

Then on the morning of 19th December 2006 (I’m not quite sure of the significance of remembering the date) the name ZANZI popped in to my head.

At that time ZANZI ticked the box with regard to the recommended alphabetic listings for people searching through telephone books, beginning with a Z!

ZANZI is memorable and again at that time, I considered it would be easy to write lots of cheques simply to ‘ZANZI’!

ZANZI has nothing to do with Zanzibar …. it’s a fun, quirky name that gives me permission to be and to do anything in my business I fancy and I do!

I’d love to hear how you chose your company name. You can tell me your story in a post on my Facebook page.