Communication is the key to understanding ourselves, understanding each other and ultimately our lives.

Our thoughts affect our feelings which lead to our behaviour and actions.

These behaviours and actions are a reflection of our genetics, personality, character, values, beliefs, knowledge and experiences.

We all connect with each other, our animals and the world energetically every day, through our body language, voice and chosen words.

These elements combined enable us to create our reality with regard to the environment we live in, our attitude, our health, our relationships, our vocation and our wonderfully unique perception of our personal life experience.

Get to know Your Self

Johari Window: The perception of self consists of four components:


Get to know your self

Open Self

The part of you that you are aware of and willing to share or reveal.

Concealed Self

Knowledge of yourself, which you choose to conceal from others. This may include such feelings of insecurity, reactions to others or antisocial feelings. Usually concealed are factors, which are inconsistent with the self-image you have of yourself.

Blind Self

The open and concealed self combined is how a person sees him / herself – his / her perception – but it is not the full story. Other people’s perceptions of us will not correspond exactly with the image we try to project. In addition they perceive some of our blind self – an impression of us, which we may be unacquainted.
The blind self are those things which we unconsciously conceal from ourselves which yet are part of us and which are communicated to others. For instance, each of us has feelings and traits, which we feel, are not part of us. We may be blind to the fact that some of these feelings leak out and are communicated to others.

Unknown Self

Additionally, there is the unknown self – a part of us, which nobody is aware, such as truly unconscious and deeply repressed feelings and impulses, hidden talents, potentialities, skills etc.
I believe self awareness of our ‘selves’ is the key to enabling us to take ownership of our personal development and subsequently create a mutually beneficial life experience in all ways.

My privilege as a coach is to be given the opportunity and trust to explore these personal perception panes to gain greater understanding and enlightenment. I always feel humble to experience the various outcomes, including peace, liberation, joy and empowerment this process can reveal.

If you are inspired to explore Your Self and you’d like my help to do so, please give me a call on 0771 293 6296 or email me.