This quote from Viktor E. Frankl. has curiously presented itself to me three times in the last 12 months.

And if I reflect on the last few years of my life, which to date have proved the most difficult, I feel these words really sum up my personal experience.

Having always attempted to maintain control in my life (in all ways!), I suddenly found myself in situations where I was out of control.

I rapidly discovered that the more I pushed against the circumstances, attempted to understand ‘why’, or ‘try and put it right’ I couldn’t change what was happening.

I recognised that ignoring it, trying to avoid it, and even considering running away, wasn’t going to change it.

Instead, I had to change myself.

My Change Triggers

In recent times I have:

  • Been diagnosed with a chronic illness
  • Had five operations
  • Referred to various consultants on six occasions to investigate serious health concerns
  • Fell foul to a toxic work situation
  • Took on the responsibility to navigate and oversee the end-of-life care for my parents. Both of whom had complex health conditions. During this time my brother-in-law died unexpectedly, followed by my father and then my mother

So that is how I reached the point where I simply had to change myself to move forward.

My Change Journey

In 2012, my M-A-G-I-C personal development tools and techniques were born, following the learnings of my personal experience releasing 5.5.stone in weight in 11 months.

At this time, I worked with women on a 1 to1 basis and this success led me to taking the M-A-G-I-C model into other organisations, including the NHS, to support individuals and teams to identify their own strategies to both develop and enhance their own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing in their personal and professional lives. Just like they had helped me.

However, now I was facing more extreme personal challenges and became increasingly aware that I needed to dive deeper into my existing M-A-G-I-C practices.

Exploring more resistant parts of myself that were frightened, anxious, worried, guilty, hurting, vulnerable etc., and change them to more resourceful states to be able to navigate these stormy waters and survive.

Subsequently, as I have evolved, so has my M-A-G-I-C model.

How to navigate change

I have learnt that the most important thing we can do for others going through pain, trauma or general life challenges is to hold a safe space, filled with compassion, kindness and love.

This is also the ‘space’ we need to create for ourselves in challenging situations too. It is from here that we are most able to effectively resource ourselves to create the change we wish to see.

I have woven these learnings and lots more besides into my work as a transformational coach and trainer, focussing on M-A-G-I-C. Experiencing it, is believing it.

If you need to create that ‘space’ for yourself, I am here to help.

Please do email me to request a free guide to an initial exercise you can do to start your personal change journey.