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Hello, and welcome to Zanzi

I’m Sandra, and I’m passionate about supporting individuals and organisations to reach their full potential and be the best they can be.

Since establishing Zanzi in 2004, I have had the pleasure of coaching and training wonderful people from all levels within a wide range of sectors including quality assurance, engineering, logistics, retail, leisure, education and health, latterly including the NHS.

I am not and will never be the type of trainer that turns up with an ‘off the shelf’ course, ‘sheep dips’ the delegates and speeds off into the distance on completion of the programme.

Instead, my work is all about building mutually beneficial relationships based on trust and honesty. I give my contact details to everyone I work with and encourage them to get in touch if they require support or further clarification of a subject we have covered.

It’s great to still be in contact with numerous people that I have worked with; I frequently get emails to update me on individuals career progression and successes, and some are now great friends!

“Sandra is extremely friendly, open and professional. She is able to sustain the involvement of everyone using different techniques and really takes on board opinions & information from others.”

Leadership Training

Commercial background

“You are unfailingly mindful not only of the ultimate goal of the coaching sessions but also of me as a person, with all my fears, faults and idiosyncrasies, and you never judge, but always find a supportive way to help me move forward.”

Coaching Client

My commercial background began in the mid 1980s in food retail, where I went on to become the youngest franchise owner-manager in the UK, and later achieved the coveted annual ‘Award of Business Excellence’ for all-round quality of staffing and merchandising.

In the 1990s I moved into the Safeways supermarket chain where I stayed for ten years, beginning as a Customer Service Manager, then progressing to Human Resources Manager, and then to Regional Training & Development Manager.

During this time I was able to develop a solid knowledge of best-practice in areas including customer service and satisfaction surveys, staff recruitment, competency development, succession planning, performance management.

I particularly enjoyed overcoming departmental barriers to build a strong team culture across diverse functions, and initiating strong links with the local community, enhancing the profile of the organisation and developing a strong community spirit amongst staff.

A passion for Training & Development

But the discipline I found most rewarding, and where my skills could add the most value, was in Training & Development. The first training course I designed was called ‘Customer Service Skills’, which I initially designed just for my own team. It proved so beneficial that I was asked to deliver it across all stores in the region.

From there I developed responsibility for all aspects of Training in customer service skills, management and supervisory skills, team building and personal development.

This included identifying training needs for both teams and individuals, followed by the design and delivery of training solutions, and finally evaluating training to ensure effectiveness and support of business objectives.

“The day was beneficial and helpful to me personally, but was also fun and nice to be around the people who attended. Sandra has a very lovely way of putting people at ease and also brings a bit of humour which is great. I have come away feeling positive and calm.”

Health & Well-being Training

Starting out on my own

“I would recommend Sandra to work with teams to turn them around, due to her high level of experience and positive approach.”

Leadership Training

Zanzi was born of my desire to use my knowledge, skills and experience to serve others in making positive transformation in their lives and the lives of those around them.

I’m now able to offer a wide range of services to support individuals and organisations to improve. There are three main ways in which I work:

  • Designing and teaching an extensive range of courses and workshops for both staff and management
  • Providing one-to-one coaching and mentoring for individuals on both professional and life issues
  • Engaging strategically with organisations; analysing requirements, identifying skills gaps, building vision and delivering practical solutions

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