I help you discover true purpose and enlightenment through your life and the work you do, enabling you to create great outcomes and make a positive difference in your life and the lives of your family, friends and professional relationships or networks.

FOR INDIVIDUALS who are feeling overwhelmed, lacking in direction or confidence, and who are ready to commit to making personal or professional change

  • How much value do you place on your personal well-being?
  • Are you experiencing multiple changes or challenges at once; home life, work, family, health, friendships, etc.?
  • Are you fearful, wondering what’s next?
  • Do you have a tendency to over-think, over-promise, put other people first?
  • Are you worried that there is little room for ‘you’ in your life, and want to change this?

Working together with intention, we embark on a process of self-discovery, insight and feedback.

You’ll find support, encouragement and guidance to realise your core beliefs, release your blocks and obstacles, align with your personal aspirations and connect with latent skills and talents.

Every partnership is unique. No session is the same. Together our work is energising, motivating, enlightening, empowering and motivating.

FOR TEAM MEMBERS, TEAMS & ORGANISATIONS who are undergoing significant change or pressure, and who aspire to work in more integrated and healthy ways

  • How physically, mentally, emotionally and professionally healthy are you… and your team members?
  • Are there stresses, tensions, changes, overwhelm, fear, unrealistic workloads, huge challenges, and more…?
  • How resilient, cohesive and integrated are your teams?
  • How supportive and authentic is your culture?

I gently work with you, your people and your teams to improve their situations.

You’ll see positive changes in managers’ skills and management styles, directly impacting team and individual motivation and performance.

Your people are empowered to take ownership and responsibility for their own well-being and for creating a healthy environment at work.


“Sandra’s work has had a direct impact on employees’ physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, which has positively impacted on absence rates.”

“You are helping to further embed our culture of values, confidence building and development… which supports our commitment to developing our workforce to reach their full potential.”

“What Sandra is achieving out in our services, through her one-to-one and small group interventions, is mending our culture from the inside out.”

Feedback following four year’s engagement with two NHS Trusts

About Sandra

My passion is for people to enrich their life experience, increase their self-awareness, confidence and access their personal power.

Through my experience as a Leadership and Management Trainer and Coach, I have learnt that to hold a deep listening space for individuals helps them to make profound changes to their wellbeing and their life.

I have the pleasure of coaching and training wonderful people to align with their purpose, develop their business, create personal development plans, enhance their relationships and general health.

We all deserve and have the skills and ability to create positive change for the benefit of ourselves and others. By believing and trusting in ourselves there is no limit to what we can achieve together.


Began Designing & Delivering Training


% of Participants Who Rate Zanzi as ‘Excellent’

Number of People Trained Since 2004


Commitment to Helping People Reach Their Full Potential

Number of People Coached Since 2004

“Superb session. Thoughtfully delivered. Wonderful discussion and anecdotes shared. Exactly what was needed by our team at this time and should be compulsory”

“Very deep and insightful. A journey in to my behaviour pattern – thank you. Every human being should go through this training, then as a society we might be nicer to each other.”

“Far more able to deal with conflict & managing stress – good tips and information. Great training day, as usual Sandra makes it fun whilst putting the points across.”

“I think today definitely helped boost morale and remind people of the support and care within the team as well as advice on looking after their own health and wellbeing.”

Feedback from Team Development, Health & Wellbeing Training

“What can I say? You are one of the most intuitive people I know and have the integrity and courage to share your insights with your clients regardless of how random they might seem. These gifts have developed into some of the most exciting A-Ha moments, inspiring me to believe in myself.”

“It’s like I walked into the session as one person and left as another. My attitude about myself, my career and my business has shifted 180 degrees. It gave me the courage to make and embrace even greater change, to move forward by making choices that benefit me and the world around me in a more solid way.”

Feedback from Coaching Clients


M-A-G-I-C is a unique and wholistic blend of creative tools and techniques to enable positive transformation and a natural flow of success.

By becoming mindful of our thoughts, acknowledging our feelings, and tapping into our intuition, we can use our creative insights to influence our behaviours and to achieve our chosen goals.

M-A-G-I-C can be delivered as a stand-alone programme, or as part of Coaching, Mentoring, Management and Staff development programmes. M-A-G-I-C is fun, exciting, infectious, fulfilling, rewarding, empowering and transformative.

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